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Sunee is a Romanian start-up that empowers it's users to prevent diseases related to overexposure to the sun.

Our core-value is awareness and our goal is to stop the growing incidence of skin cancer.

Because every year there are more than 5.5 million cases of skin cancer and every 54 minutes a person dies because of melanoma - the most severe type of skin cancer. Also, US alone spend more than $8 billion on skin cancer treatments every year.

We are producing a customizable cap for kids that will quantify the amount of UV exposure and provide statistics and recommendations for the parents through its mobile app. The kids will love their unique Sunee caps and the parents will love to know that their kids are safe while enjoying outdoors.

We will start a crowd-funding campaign later this summer, so follow us to be notified about the event.




  • 2016-2017

    Brief history

    Our founder came up with the idea and a very basic prototype in August 2016, when he observed the unhealthy behaviour of people regarding the sun. The team split up after a very short time and the project was abandoned until January 2017, when we formed the new team and decided to make it real.

  • 5 March 2017


    We pitched our idea at InnovationLabs 2017 Bucharest Hackathon in front of a polyvalent jury, developed our prototype and entered the 10 weeks mentoring program.

  • 10 April 2017

    Boost Day

    5 weeks into InnovationLabs mentoring program and we are working hard to finish our product. So far, we managed to validate our idea by conducting surveys and meetings with parents, we almost finished our hardware architecture, created a fully functional mock app and we are developing our own LED reading protocol.

  • 22 May 2017

    Demo Day

    At the InnovationLabs DemoDay 2017 (closing event of the mentoring program) we presented our second version of the prototype and pitched our idea in front of 350 people and televisions, receiving the "Best Health & Lifestyle Product" award.

  • TBA


    We are working hard on developing the latest version of the product, and later this summer we plan to start a crowdfunding campaign. Keep an eye on our updates as we would highly appreciate your help in this stage.

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Cristian Bajenaru

Project manager

Cristian is the founder and project manager of Sunee. He believes that you should be the change you want to see in the world and he has the determination and passion to do just that. Having experience in both software and hardware development, he knows what has to be done and how to make the team deliver it.

Liliana Barbulescu


Liliana is an ambitious person that won't take no for an answer and she likes to involve in a lot of topics related to the project, especially the technical ones. She believes that you should not wait for things to happen and materialize your dreams.

Dan Vornicu

Software and web developer

Dan likes a good challenge, may it be technical or not. He is an open-minded person and always aims for the solution that benefits everyone. He is willing to use that experience and knowledge to help the team make a difference.

Andrei Cador


Although Andrei may not be the most punctual individual, he likes his work to be precise and timely. He believes that the passion and the power of creating extraordinary things using the same resources as everyone build the most accurate description of succes, making sure he will bring Sunee a step closer to it.

Andrei Drimba

UX Designer

Architect and designer with a passion for motion and interaction.

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